'Two Hearts' - Unisex Tshirt Preorder

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The bond we have shared with cats and their ancestors throughout history is staggering in it's complexity, but no less powerful today. In this image, 'Two Hearts,' I wanted to capture a bit of that shared bond, and somehow illustrate that those Two Hearts are connected to One Soul.

In this illustration...The skull of a cat and the skull of a human reach towards one another in an implied "nose boop"...They are festooned in flowers and foliage, each of which has been named for cats big and small...Cat Mint, Kitten Tails, Cat's Whiskers, Pussy Willow, Leopard Flower, Jade Tiger Heleborus, and Leopards Bane...

My 'Two Hearts' design will be printed on a soft, cotton unisex Tshirt that is black in color.

(Each shirt will come packaged with bonus stickers.)

THIS IS A LIMITED EDITION PREORDER. I will only be accepting orders for this Shirt until Sept. 15, 2023 at which time orders will END and THEN the shirts will be printed and shipped. Expect your garments to arrive around the beginning/middle of October.

Approximate Unisex Shirt Sizes are as pictured