• Image of Traditional Pet Portrait
  • Image of Traditional Pet Portrait
  • Image of Traditional Pet Portrait
  • Image of Traditional Pet Portrait
  • Image of Traditional Pet Portrait

These portraits are for those of you looking to get a more exact representation of your pet(s). They are painted using acrylic paints on wood canvases. Please read carefully before selecting your portrait size:

There are several options to consider:


-Natural: Painted using your pet's natural coloration. I can include a colorful background, or a natural woodgrain background.

-Pop Art: Painted using bright, colorful unnatural colors. (I will always paint your pet's eyes their natural color unless you specify otherwise.)

-Monotone: Portrait painted in shades of black or brown to make the portrait look like an old photograph. (Tip: If your pet has a favorite bandana or bow tie, sometimes its fun to just leave that pop of color in there, too...)


I will need 3-5 good photos of your pet so that markings/facial expressions/colors can be accurately painted. These do not have to be professional photos, but they will need to be in focus, and the higher the resolution the better.

Make sure you also let me know what color style you'd like.

You can email the photos to me after purchasing your portrait-size:



For those of you wanting more than one pet on a canvas, it *is* possible, but I do not recommend it for any size smaller than 12 x 12 unless I am being asked to paint smaller exotic pets...it often just looks too crowded.
(TIP: Instead of several animals in one painting, I usually recommend acquiring a 4x4 or a 6x6 portrait of *each* pet, because they look great hanging in a row/group, and it is always easier to add to the 'family' later.)

If you're looking for a portrait larger than 18in x 18in, or a canvas shape other than square, it IS possible...please email me for any questions or price-quotes.

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