Welcome, friends...

I imagine you're here because you're interested in discovering a little more about me as an artist. (Then again, it may just be because you're stalking all of my social platforms for more pictures of Monkey.)  

Whatever the reason, I'm happy you're here.

A little about myself...

 I live in Louisville, KY with my wonderful husband, our four dogs, 3 birds, and several snakes.  We have the good fortune to be doing exactly what we love to do every day: 

 Making Art.

I never graduated from college.  I followed the path of doing what I love, which landed me a career as a veterinary technician for 7+ years working with everything from domestic dogs to beautiful tigers.  Then, back in 2013, I as given the opportunity to commit myself to being an artist full time, and I took it.

My love for animals still emerges (almost) daily in my art.  My favorite subjects all have patterned fur, vibrant feathers or sleek fins, but I have been known to illustrate or paint the occasional human being.

More about my art, processes, and progress can be found on my blog:

The Dragon's Den

(Yes...there might even be more Monkey Pictures.)